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Students in Patriotic Hats


  • Added a Special Education Resource Classroom for a broader continuum of services offered.
  • Inducted as a member of the KSDE Advisory Board for Early Childhood Education in Kansas.
  • Piloted a Special Education Evaluation team approach for consistent identification.
  • Established a community-wide coalition for Geary County children and families.

School Improvement Goals

Early Childhood Center staff will receive support for implementation of Feeling Buddies curriculum.
Eighty five percent of Early Childhood Center students will score in the Tier 1 range on their Spring MyIGDI’s Letter Sound Recognition measure.

Site Council

Site Council consisted of twenty-one members. This council met four times throughout the year and discussed the Program overview, services and classrooms, assessments that students are given, military life, kindergarten readiness, and more.

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