April 2019 Newsletter


Happy Spring!
The Little Jay staff have been busy planning our end of the year field trips and we are excited to offer your child a memorable day of learning away from the classroom! Our morning classes will be traveling to the Milford Nature Center. Located near Milford Lake, the center offers visitors the chance to see and touch native animal furs, print their own animals tracks, and use their sense of touch to identify natural mystery items. The students will enjoy the indoor and outdoor activities and displays followed by a picnic lunch. The morning classes in the Early Childhood Center’s main building will have their field trip on May 13th. The Heim, Jefferson (Ms Heidi and Ms Jill), and Morris Hill morning classes will go on May 14th. Our afternoon and full day classes will be traveling to the Discov-ery Center in Topeka. The Discovery Center is located in Gage Park in Topeka and provides hands-on learning experiences to promote the natural scientist in all chil-dren. The students will explore the museum’s displays and outdoor activities fol-lowed by a picnic lunch in the park. The afternoon classes at Jefferson and Morris Hill will go to the Discovery Center on April 30th. The afternoon classes in ECC’s main building will go to the Discovery Center on May 1st. The classes at Washing-ton, Westwood, Grandview, Heim, and Ms Kim’s morning class will go to Topeka on May 2nd. In order for the classes to not be so rushed on their field trips, the classes that are traveling will be in session for the full day (8:10-3:10), causing the other class to not be in session. For example, on May 1st when the ECC after-noon classes attend their field trip, the morning classes will not have school. Your child’s teacher will send home a note with details regarding any changes to your child’s usual school schedule during field trip days. Full day classes will not have changes to their usual schedule. The classes traveling to Milford Nature Center will leave their schools at 9:30 and return at 1:00. The classes traveling to the Discovery Center will leave their schools at 9:00 and return at 2:30. Families are welcome to join us on our field trips, but unfortunately cannot ride on the school bus and must provide their own transportation, lunch, and admission fee. We would encourage our families that do plan to attend to make this a special day with their preschooler only. Consider finding alternate care for siblings so that you can completely focus on your Little Jay for the day. We must have a signed permission slip on file for your child to be able to participate in their field trip. Please see your child’s teachers if you have any questions or concerns!

Important Dates:
Autism Awareness Day—Wear blue
Early Childhood Pro-gram Site Council Meeting @ 4:00
Wear your Little Jay shirt
Early Childhood Plan Day—No School
Good Friday—No School
Happy Easter!
Professional Develop-ment Day—No School
Administrative Pro-fessionals Day
Wear a Hat Day
Jefferson & Morris Hill afternoon classes field trip to Discov-ery Center
Jefferson & Morris Hill—No school for morning classes

A Note from Nurse Tammy
If your student is preparing to transition into Kindergarten, there are some necessary health documents needed for their enrollment. If your child will be attending Kindergarten in the Geary County USD 475 school district, their necessary health documentation will be forwarded to their school. However, if your child will be attending at a school outside of our school district, you will need to request those items from my office at ECC. Please be sure to double check that your child has had all of the necessary immunizations to attend Kindergarten. Some stu-dents may need a second dose of dtap/polio/mmr/varcella immunization. In addition, it has recently been decid-ed by the CDC that the hepatitis A immunization will be required for school entry. Please call or come and see me if you have any questions about what your child has on file currently and what will be needed as they move into elementary school.

There’s a lot of learning going on!!
Our next theme in Curiosity Corner is “Roots and Shoots”. Our students will participate in a variety of activities with growing things. They will use all of their senses to observe, predict, exper-iment, draw conclusions, and record their observations. Your children will have the satisfaction of watching seeds they have planted sprout and grow by their careful providing of air, light and water!

Wonderful Words in Unit 15
Roots and Shoots

shelter plants soil
provide sunlight bud
flower leaves roots stem
Please encourage your child to tell you about these words and begin using them at home!

Early Childhood Program Site Council
In order for us to ensure that our program is meeting the needs and expectations of all our stake-holders, we form an Early Childhood Program Site Council with representatives from each mem-ber of the educational team. These meetings are a time for our staff to explain various aspects of the Early Childhood Program, the educational philosophy behind the different programs and ap-proaches we utilize, and ways stakeholders can support our mission. This council also offers a time for parents to ask questions and, most importantly, offer suggestions for improvement. Our final Site Council Meeting for this school year will be April 9th at 4:00 at ECC. We will have Kin-dergarten teachers from schools in USD 475 here to speak on aspects of Kindergarten in our com-munity and how to ensure your child is prepared. We will also have parents of former Little Jays that have transitioned to Kindergarten speak on the transition from the families’ perspective. Please notify your child’s teacher if you would like to attend.

Attendance in Preschool is Important!
Study after study has confirmed the great impact early childhood education has on a child’s school readiness. A high-quality preschool experience can positively effect a child’s cognitive, social, and physical development and helps to build the knowledge and skills necessary for success in Kindergar-ten. However, a student can only fully benefit from an early childhood education if they attend regular-ly. The learning that takes place in early childhood classrooms simply cannot be duplicated at home. First, most of our learning is hands-on, authentic learning, not pencil/paper work. Second, our students learn as much from their classmates and the social interaction that occurs between peers each day as they do from the lessons and activities. The children also have an opportunity to learn an essential skill by practicing regular attendance in preschool: showing up every day and on time, to school and even-tually to work. When children attend school every day except for unavoidable circumstances, they are learning that attendance matters, which will benefit them for life!

Hello parents! Throughout the month of April, our literacy learners will focus on letter sounds and recognition. Letters are everywhere—books, magazines, signs in stores, menus at restaurants, etc. Make a game with the letters in print that you come across. Go on a letter hunt searching for letters, then come up with words that begin with that sound. Talk about words that begin with the same letter as their name, or siblings’ names. When enjoying a book together, begin a letter hunt! Happy reading with your Little Jay! As always, thank you for letting me have the opportunity to explore a little bit of the world of literacy with your child.
Julie Gyuran,
Early Childhood Program
Literacy Specialist

Meet the Early Childhood Staff:
Mrs. Tami Soper, Mrs. Heather Melia & Mrs. Deana Campbell; EC Program Secretarial Staff
At the Early Childhood program, we are so fortunate to have the dream team of secretarial staffs! Mrs. Tami is our head secretary. She maintains our enrollment information, makes sure the classrooms and teachers have what they need so our students can learn, and can answer any question you may ever have about our program. Mrs. Heather is our food service secretary. She makes sure the students’ meal accounts are accurate and up to date at all times. She is also our librarian at ECC and helps the kiddos check out books and keeps our library ready for our little readers. Mrs. Deana is our Special Education Data Clerk. She ensures all the students’ transportation needs are met, handles paperwork requests and compliance requirements, and processes new student applications and screening appointments. These ladies greet all of our students each day with big smiles and send them home with warm hugs. Please take the opportunity to thank our wonderful administrative professionals for all they do for our Little Jays and their families, especially as we celebrate Administrative Professionals Day on April 24th!

Books Related to our Theme
 “The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of An Amazon Rain Forest by Lynne Cherry
 “The Dandelion Seed” by Joseph P. Anthony
 “The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle
 “The Curious Garden” by Peter Brown
 “Miss Rumphius” by Barbara Cooney

Spring Walk in Junction City
Spring is a great time to get outdoors and witness new birth. Before you take a walk, talk with your child about what you will see and do. Name the things you will look for, such as flowers and animals. On your walk call attention to the rough, spiky leaves of a tree or the striped, velvety petals of a flower. Using descriptions such as these help develop your child’s vocabulary. Afterwards, make up a story about the items you collected on your hunt. Then, make a collage with your child using the things found during your walk.
River Walk, Homer’s Pond, and The Bluffs are just a few of our wonderful walking trails. Visit http://www.jcks.com/parks/parksandtrails.html for more information.

Dear Early Childhood Families,
As we begin the process of wrapping up our year of learning together, we are already looking forward to next school year and the fun we will have. It is important that the Early Childhood Program staff are kept up to date with your families’ plans for 2019-2020 in re-gards to school. If you would like to have your child return to the Early Childhood Program, please be sure that your child’s teacher is aware. There may be paperwork that needs to be completed and on file before we leave for the summer. Likewise, if your plans do not include returning to us, it’s important to notify our staff so that your child’s spot can be utilized by another Little Jay. It’s always our hope that we will see our favorite little faces return in August, however we will hold those that don’t in our hearts and wish them well as they move on to new adventures!
Stephanie Bogenhagen
or stephaniebogenhagen@usd475.org

April Newsletter - all information provided above
April Newsletter - all information provided above
April Newsletter - all information provided above
April Newsletter - all information provided above