February 2019 Newsletter

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Early Childhood News!
February 2019
Geary County USD 475 Early Childhood Program


Special Moments with Your Child—
The Importance of Reading Together

All parents wish for only the best for their precious children. We make careful choices every day to ensure that they will grow up physically healthy and socially well-adjusted. Additionally, their child having strong intellectual ability is at the top of many parents’ wish lists. Some parents don’t realize that they have the power to greatly boost their child’s learning potential at home simply by making reading to them part of their family’s daily routine. There are many specific benefits to reading with your child that researchers agree upon. The Early Childhood program would like to highlight some with the greatest impact. First, this ritual enhances your relationship with your child. Snuggling up with your child to read together offers you both an opportunity to slow down and spend special time, just the two of you. Enjoying books together can be a nurturing time that will bring you closer to one another. Another benefit is mastery of language. Listening to books being read offers your child an opportunity to hear a variety of words being used in interesting ways. A rich vocabulary is a great indicator of academic success! Finally, a great benefit of reading to your child is that it builds a love of literature in them. They will be highly motivated to learn to read, which is a tough under-taking for many young learners. Loving literature will result in them reading a lot in their lifetime. Avid readers are typically among the most intelligent adults. Consider making reading together a family tradition at your home that will impact your child socially, emotionally, and intellectually.

Important Dates:

Groundhog Day
Stuffed Animal Day
Valentine’s Day Celebrations—More info to come from your child’s teacher!
Winter Family Fun Carnival @ JCHS 9:00-12:00
Professional Development Day—No School
Site Council Mtg @ ECC @ 4:00
2/19 & 2/21
Parent/Teacher Conferences @ Westwood 3:45-7:30
Class Picture Day @ ECC
Wear your Little Jay shirt

ECC Class Schedule
AM Classes: 8:10-10:40
PM Classes: 11:40-3:10
Full Day Classes: 8:10-3:10
Ms. Kim’s Classes: 8:00-11:30/11:40-3:10

A Note from Nurse Tammy
February is Dental Health Month! It’s important to establish good oral habits in your preschooler now that they will carry with them throughout their lives. Try to make tooth brushing fun. This can be done by letting them pick out toothbrushes featuring their favorite characters or items. Have a special song that you sing while they brush to help make sure they’re brushing long enough to be thorough (approx. 2 min). When you brush their teeth, pretend you’re searching for hidden treasure behind their teeth while brushing the back surfaces. Consider brush-ing your teeth along side them. You model-ing the importance of healthy, teeth will stick with your little one. This is another tech-nique to help show your little one how thorough a proper tooth brushing should be!

There’s a lot of learning going on!!
Our next theme in Curiosity Corner is
“Here We Go! Transportation”. Take
this opportunity to point out different
types of transportation when you are
out and about with your children. Talk
about ways transportation are the
same, like trucks and tractors both
have wheels and ways they are different
such as boats travel in the water
and planes travel in the air.

Wonderful Words in Unit 11
Here We Go! Transportation
go               jet          transportation          wheels          travel
train          air          ship                             horse            truck

Books Related to our Learning Theme
 Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle
 Cars and Trucks and Things That Go by Richard Scarry
 Locomotive by Brian Floca
 Roaring Rockets by Tony Mitton
 Toy Boat by Loren Long
 My Truck is Stuck by Kevin Lewis

 Early Childhood Program Site Council
The Early Childhood Program strives to provide a high-quality preschool experience for our students and their families. We recognize that the realization of optimal education at any level requires effective communication between all team members–students, families, district leaders, community members, and staff. In order for us to ensure that our program is meeting the needs and expectations of all our stakeholders, we form an Early Childhood Program Site Council with representatives from each member of the educational team. These meetings will be a time for our staff to explain various aspects of the Early Childhood Program, the educational philosophy behind the different programs and approaches we utilize, and ways stakeholders can support our mission. This council also offers a time for parents to ask questions and, most importantly, offer suggestions for improvement.
The next Early Childhood Program Site Council meeting will be February 19th at 4:00 at the
Early Childhood Center. If you would like to attend this meeting, please contact your child’s teacher for more information!

The USD 475 Board of Education have certain policies pertaining to maintaining a
safe environment for all on school district campuses that are enforced within every
school district building and their surrounding grounds. One for our families to
be aware of is all school district buildings and grounds are smoke-free. The use of
tobacco products in any form as well as the use of nicotine-delivering devices is
prohibited on school properties. This includes e-cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco,
and personal vaporizers. Please refrain from tobacco and nicotine delivery
devices in the parking lot, drop-off line, and in the area surrounding the school.
Thank you for your compliance!

Literacy News from Mrs. Julie
Hello Little Jay families! Throughout the month of February, your literacy learner will
be learning about rhyming. The book we will be reading this month will be Go Dog Go by
P.D. Eastman. Rhyme play directs your child’s attention to similarities and
differences in sounds of words. Recent research indicates that children mastering
rhyming is a strong indicator of later reading proficiency. While rhyming with your child,
do not hesitate to incorporate silly nonsense words or sing rhyming songs or poetry at home.

Below are some examples of great books to highlight the fun of rhyming. Check them out!
Steam Train, Dream Train by Sherri Rinker
Dr. Seuss books
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin, Jr.

Happy Reading!
Julie Gyuran, Early Childhood Program Literacy Specialist

Meet the Early Childhood Staff:
Nurse Tammy Straub, EC Program Nurse
Hello my name is Tammy Straub, Early Childhood Program school nurse. I have been in nursing for over 20 years with most of my experience in Medical, Emergency and Critical Care. The last six
years I have been the nurse for the Early Childhood Program. I am also the School Nurse Coordinator for USD 475 school district. Taking care of a student when they are sick or injured at school is my primary job. I’m also responsible for: Hearing/Vision screenings, obtaining heights and weights, making sure every student’s immunizations along with school physicals are up to date. If a student has any health concerns I work with the parents and staff members to assure they are
safe. This might include a health plan that can follow your child into Kindergarten. I’m also
available to you to answer questions or explain information. You can always reach me at


From the Desk of the Principal:  Mrs. Stephanie

Parents and Families,
Parents are very mindful of how healthy their children’s diet is, as well as being attentive so that they are not drinking too many sugary drinks. However, not all parents are aware that a child’s sleep habits can have just as much of an impact on their health as what they eat and drink. Many
families’ busy schedules can impact their children maintaining healthy sleep habits, which is
essential for children’s growth and development. Our students are cognitively most ready to learn and are socially most ready to cooperate with others when they are well-rested .
Please remember that good sleep doesn’t just entail the sufficient number of hours (11 to
12 hours a day for preschoolers) but also that this sleep is uninterrupted. We appreciate
everything you do to ensure that your children are healthy and happy when they come to us
so they are ready to learn. Please make healthy sleep habits another way that you support your child’s educational experience in preschool! If you have any questions or concerns at anytime, feel free to contact me!
Stephanie Bogenhagen